April 14, 2022

Prowler Proof has been working hard over the summer period to develop a new campaign that will give the Prowler Proof brand a fresh new look and further differentiate us from competitors. 


In our first campaign we focused on our unique features and benefits, focusing on the product itself and hopefully creating a bit of buzz and brand awareness.  


We have been running this campaign for coming on two years, with the inclusion on the Hinge Window Security Screen product advertising at the beginning of last year. 


This time around we wanted to give voice and personality to the brand. The new campaign termed “There’s a better way to feel safe”, takes a light-hearted, witty approach to a serious issue, rather than playing off fears. This is something that insurance companies have been doing in recent years, with the goal of growing our brand awareness.  


Have a look at the first 30 second ad due to start running on the 9 May. There will also be a radio, digital and outdoor presence in these campaigns across South East Queensland.