November 8, 2021

At Prowler Proof, we are always exploring ways we can work towards “Creating a Safer Place” and the exposure to the crippling effects of Covid 19 in our workplace was no exception.

Whilst we were not subjected to mandated public health orders that required people working in certain workplaces to get vaccinated, we understood that getting vaccinated was the only pathway we had to protect ourselves, our families, and our community against the ever-present pandemic.

With internal promotion as our only option to encourage a broad uptake of the vaccine, we set about implementing an internal information, awareness, and reward program “COVID VIP, we’re all in this together” to inspire our Prowler Proof community to participate in the government run vaccination campaign to achieve a high volume of workplace protection for everyone.

“COVID VIP” looked to set a feasible but lofty target of having at least 80% of our workforce fully vaccinated by November 1, contrary to the QLD government trend, by rewarding all workers as milestones of 40%, 60% and the final 80% fully vaccinated individuals were achieved.

Commencing on August 23, we set about implementing a daily visual campaign on the notice board promoting testimonials from vaccinated staff, published QLD exposure sites, promotional banners, Prowler Proof QLD and Australian vaccine uptake comparison graphs, and our vaccine uptake tracking thermometer.

Coinciding with the visual campaign, communication exposure was increased via teams and toolbox talks whilst providing vaccination booking assistance, and support for individuals who required time to recover from the vaccine’s effects.

The first milestone of 40% was achieved on October 8, 8 weeks into the program, triggering a visit from Bill’s Burgers food truck as reward for the positive increase in the uptake.

On October 18, two weeks later and only 10 weeks into the program, momentum hit full swing and we achieved our second milestone of 60% and were rewarded with a visit from Ruby the ice cream truck.

Finally on November 5, 12 weeks into the program we achieved our goal of 80% of our workforce fully vaccinated against Covid 19 achieving an outstanding result.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Prowler Proof for their participation and concerted effort to support each team member along the journey, reinforcing the success of the program, and “Creating a Safer Place” at Prowler Proof.

Mark Simpson

Safety Officer