November 8, 2021

Christmas is nearly upon us and by now, you should have all seen Prowler Proof’s Christmas Order Cut-off Dates emails coming through. As you know once we pass the cut off date, any job you place after that point will be put on hold, to allow the factory to focus on manufacturing the items that have been entered before cut off date. Once we get through all promised jobs, if we still have sufficient manufacturing time, then we will look at releasing jobs that were entered after the cut off date and producing these before Prowler Proof’s shut down.

Similarly, we ask that if you have started to cap out, and have Prowler Proof generated leads that you can't service within a reasonable time, please let us know and we can put your Get a Quote listing on pause, to better allocate the leads to dealers who still have capacity to service those leads in the lead up to Christmas.

You can do this by emailing We will reactivate all listings on 23 December, before Prowler Proof’s close down period, but will include your holiday closure message, so people will know of your business, but will know you may not respond until your advised return date.