August 29, 2023

We want our, and your customers, to be confident that when they order and have you install one of our products, we've done everything we can to ensure it will last day after day, year after year, and so the chances of anything going wrong, and you needing to return to site to service or warrant that product is minimal.

We are always testing our products to ensure they perform to the high standards we have set for them. Following continued and recent testing of our hinge window security screens, from a 'safe use under load' perspective (simulating a small child swinging from the sash), we wish to advise that the decision to remove screens that fall beyond the 1 high:3 wide ratio has been made, as these sized screens can have a decrease in their performance level when put under external stress. While they still continue to operate, the hinge window hardware showed some permanent stress and therefore didn't perform as smoothly as we believe is acceptable.

Should a consumer put this undue stress on their screen, then there would be a high likelihood you would receive a request to service the screen, to allow it to operate easily again. While adjustment is possible, the damage to the hardware itself is permanent, and eventually cannot be adjusted back to an acceptable operating level, and because of this, we have made the decision to restrict the maximum size a hinge window to never be more than 3x wider than they are high. 

This change only impacts a very small proportion of the hinge window options, as shown on the chart. All other hinge window sizes on the chart, fall within the 1:3 ratio, and did not experience the same hardware stress when put under the same testing. It is only screens from the 430mm high x 1291mm wide and beyond, up to our 599mm high x 1798mm wide and beyond that will be removed from the range. Any screen 600mm or higher is not impacted as our maximum width is 1800mm, which is within the 1:3 ratio.

This change will come into effect from 1 August 2023. If you would like any further information in regards to this change, please contact your BDM.

Prowler Proof Hinge Window sizing chart