November 8, 2021

The NSSA is developed by the industry for the industry. Since the NSSA's formation in 2018, Prowler Proof has had a hand in developing the association with Prowler Proof’s Managing Director, Michael Henry in the role of Chairman, Product Development Manager, Shane Smith on the technical committee and Head of Sales and Marketing, Amanda Old on the marketing committee.

“The charter for the NSSA is to advocate for our industry on behalf of its members, to set industry standards, drive greater collaboration and cohesion between the industry and  suppliers, and ultimately, achieve the overall betterment of the security screen industry through focus on compliance and best practice.  The NSSA is a member driven  association, backed by the major systems and product suppliers in the security screen industry.”

With this in mind Michael believed it was time to get some new blood onto the Board to continue to drive the NSSA forward. Michael made the decision to step down as  chairman at this year's AGM, and Shane Smith is stepping down from the technical committee. Amanda will continue as a member on the marketing committee and Prowler  Proof, being a member and a development fund contributor, will still be heavily involved in the association. We continue to encourage all of our dealers to become members of  the Association as it provides valuable insights and industry updates, and allows you to have a voice in the industry moving forward.