December 15, 2021

Creating a safer place®, this is more than just a marketing tagline for Prowler Proof, it is a promise from us to our community. For us, Creating a Safer Place® is something that we refer to all the time; we refer to it whenever we need to make a decision or to action something. Creating a Safer Place®, provides all of us with a sounding board to ensure that we fulfill our promise to our community, as a company, and as individuals. So, as we reflect on the year 2021, we ask ourselves, have we Created a Safer Place to Work, to Partner with, and have we Created a Safer Place to live this year? 


Looking through our news stories and social media you might be a little surprised at what we have achieved this year despite the challenges that we have had to endure along the way.  

2021 has most certainly been one of the most challenging and adventurous years of recent times. The year has been very challenging and mentally exhausting for everyone due to the impact and uncertainty brought about by COVID-19. Some of these challenges have been quite significant, such as, the community lockdowns of Sydney and Melbourne, and the border restrictions both domestically and internationally. Other challenges have been just annoying and painful; wearing facemasks, check-in apps, requiring vaccines and all of the other day-to-day things that have been impacted by COVID-19 this year. Despite the challenging and adventurous nature of 2021, the Prowler Proof Team has been resilient, and we have risen to these challenges, and we have succeeded in achieving a very successful 2021.  


There are numerous examples of our success this year, from the Service Team all the way through to the Production Team, we can see and measure the outcomes for the company. Some of our success or wins have been achieved by the delivery of a project, or setting a new “Company Best” benchmark in production quality. Irrespective of what the successes or wins have been, they have all contributed to the overall success of Prowler Proof this year, and consequently Created a Safer Place for all of us to work and partner with. 


So, the answer to my question is YES, we have Created a Safer Place. I truly believe that, Prowler Proof is a Safer Place to Work, to Partner with, and we have Created a Safer Place to Live, as a result of the decisions, actions, effort and contribution that we have all made this year of 2021. I hope that everyone can see the positive impact that we are having on our world together. I would like to thank every one for contributing to fulfilling our promise of Creating a Safer Place in 2021. 


On behalf of the team at Prowler Proof we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope you enjoy your well earnt break with your family and friends, and we look forward to seeing you all in 2022.