January 19, 2022

Welcome Back 2022 Graphic

Welcome back! Happy new year, we hope you enjoyed your holiday celebrations, and enjoyed some well-deserved time off with your loved ones. We are seeing longer than usual lead times currently, due to the overwhelming success of last year, seeing a high level of demand for Prowler Proof product during the peak season, and that demand has continued into January, and the impacts from COVID-19 on our production team. We are experiencing a high level of absenteeism, as we're sure many businesses in Australia are currently facing, as our staff become infected, or are impacted by quarantining requirements.

While we put into place as much pre-planning for our team as we could during 2021, to try to reduce the impacts of COVID-19 once it began to spread through the community, and this planning has ensured we are able to continue to operate and our team are able to return to work as quickly as possible, we are still highly impacted, and expect to be for a number of weeks yet.

Please be aware that we have, and are continuing to implement plans to help us overcome this extended lead time, and bring it back into more normal timings as quickly as we can. Some of the solutions we've put in place in the last two weeks have included:
- Extending production hours
- Advertising, recruiting and onboarding new staff
- Putting a high focus within the factory on first in/first out for orders, and ensuring we maintain our quality standards

While all of the above are assisting us, we are still operating below our maximum capacity due to these staff shortages, and with the large volume of orders we have received, it has meant our lead time has extended out.

We remain in a very positive position with our stocks, with our supply chains remaining solid, and our pre-season ordering of stock means our stock levels are good, so we don't see any stock issues in the foreseeable future. Our quality control is also well under control, to ensure we are operating at the lowest possible error rate, to maximise our manufacturing capacity.

We apologise for the impacts this lead time is having, but please trust we are doing everything we can to rectify this as quickly as possible.
If you would like to discuss any problems you may be experiencing, please contact us. Customer Service (07) 3363 0666 Michael Cuffe – QLD 0429 106 449 Marty Campbell – Other States 0437 129 192 Thank you for your ongoing support.