Protec Energy & UV light

It goes without saying that Protec’s perforated aluminium sheet will let plenty of fresh air and daylight in. But it does more than that. Protec security doors and windows will also help keep solar heat and UV light out during summer – and reduce heat loss come winter. Protec is one of very few security screens that has been WERS tested...

Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS)

The Test

Very few Australian security screens have been WERS tested. Prowler Proof Protec and ForceField® are two of the rare exceptions.

The Result

Depending on application, Protec reduced solar heat gain and UV light by up to 62% (WERS rating 4.5 stars). Reduced heat loss was up to 18%, resulting in a 2.5 star WERS rating.

Your Benefit

Prowler Proof Protec security screens will not only help you keep cool in summer, they will also help you stay warm during winter.