December 17, 2014

The Queensland War Widows’ Guild was established in 1961 to provide affordable housing for war widows over 55 years of age. Today the Guild owns and manages four blocks of units – the latest block with 24 new two bedroom units was opened in June 2014. Architect Andrew Roe designed the building…

“Security is a huge priority for the war widows, who average 70 years of age," says Andrew. “The ladies live alone but they like to know what goes on around them. They often keep their front doors open – even at night – which is one reason why I specified the strongest security door on the market for the project. Prowler Proof ForceField® is a level up from anything else due to the welded corners.”

“Another concern was corrosion since the unit block is located close to the water’s edge. Again the welded corners offer a unique advantage. While the corner joints in all other security screens are exposed, ForceField’s welded corners are just as corrosion-resistant as the rest of the security screen.”

“In terms of security products it was quite a large project. 24 front doors, 24 stacking sliders for the balconies, 144 window screens as well as screen doors in the open internal atrium amounts to well over 200 screens all up. Most are ForceField® security screens but windows above the first floor have Prowler Proof insect screens instead.”

“The building was finalised 8 weeks ahead of schedule and many suppliers were playing catch-up. Not Prowler Proof. Their capacity seems to be unlimited – perhaps because their security screens are manufactured in a hi-tech factory, rather than hand assembled. I’ve never experienced any delays and I’ve used Prowler Proof numerous times for all sorts of projects. The hi-tech factory gives them another huge advantage: the 300 colour options. Most competitors only have a handful or two. I think Prowler Proof’s advanced production methods are the reason why they can be the best without being the dearest.”

“Just for the record: 4 months down the track we haven’t received a single complaint about any of the more than 200 Prowler Proof products in the building.”

The installer Hitec Glazing installed all glazing and security screens at the new War Widows estate. The owner Derryn Whight has used Prowler Proof multiple times for similar projects. “The biggest advantage of using Prowler Proof for this kind of project is that their delivery times are the best in the industry and that you always get exactly what you ordered. Your online order dictates what happens in their factory – it’s all computer controlled.”

“The welded corners do mean that you have to be extra careful when you measure. You can’t take a Prowler Proof security screen apart, cut a few millimetres off here and there and then reassemble it like you can with other security screens. On the other hand, it’s the welded corners that make Prowler Proof a stronger product and that’s what counts in the end.”

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