January 30, 2015

When Ian and Jean Laing renovated their home of 13 years, the entrance was one area they wanted to improve. “Our front entrance was really wasted space without a meaningful purpose,” says Jean. “We wanted to enclose it in a way that would not only add space, but also character to our home.”

“Prowler Proof had a huge selection of Heritage design screen doors and we immediately found what we were looking for. The Prowler Proof dealer Burleigh Screens and Blinds were extremely helpful and professional. Not only did they provide the screen door but also the additional panels it took to complete the enclosure.”

“We are absolutely thrilled with the result. What used to be wasted space is now an extra room where we often enjoy our breakfast. The area gets the early morning sun and the breezes are just wonderful. We never close our front door any more so we’re getting a lot more light into our home as well.”

“Even from the outside our new veranda has made a huge difference. The Prowler Proof Heritage design front entrance has added character and style to our home. Ian and I couldn’t be happier with the result – it’s nothing short of perfect.”

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