April 29, 2015

St. John’s College – home to 320 university students – installed more than 100 ForceField® security screens in 2014. “We didn’t budget for any new security screens in 2015,” says business manager Erin Dieperink, “but over the summer break we discovered that more than 60 flyscreens needed replacement. Since flyscreens have a short life expectancy in our environment, we decided to buy Prowler Proof security screens with a 10 year replacement warranty instead.”

“Our experience with ForceField® has been brilliant. After more than a year we haven’t had a single problem – and the screens still look brand new. So when I contacted Prowler Proof in regards to new security screens, I had ForceField® in mind. But I had no budget, so I was keen on keeping the cost as low as possible.”

“Prowler Proof had just launched Protec. Protec’s screen is a perforated aluminium sheet rather than ForceField’s stainless steel mesh. Our cost savings would be significant so we decided to get a sample made up. I had concerns about airflow because the aluminium sheet is somewhat thicker than ForceField’s stainless steel mesh. But as it turned out, breezes travel through beautifully.”

“We placed our order for 62 window screens just before the Christmas shutdown – still all screens arrived 7 days later, ready to install. The screens look beautiful – just like with ForceField®, you don’t feel like you’re in prison. Yet you can have confidence they will keep intruders of any size out, and let air and light in. Protec is a fraction darker than ForceField® but that is not necessarily a bad thing since most of the screens are installed in bedrooms.”

“We are not quite done yet with replacing flyscreens with security screens throughout the college. We have exceptional experiences with ForceField® but if Protec is anywhere near as good, it will be hard to choose next time…”

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