April 22, 2014

St. John’s College was founded in 1911, the year University of Queensland accepted its first students. Today it’s home to 320 students who enjoy the proximity to the Brisbane River but also have to accept the downsides of riverside living … flies and mosquitoes are frequent roommates for the students.

“We had flyscreens installed before," says business manager Erin Dieperink, “but they tended to pop and frequently needed repair. So when we recently renovated two blocks we were looking for another solution.”

“A friend alerted me to ForceField® security screens. The mesh is fine enough to keep out mosquitoes and flies…and strong enough to keep out almost anything else. The discreet look suited our buildings and it was easy to choose the perfect colour from the 50 standard options. We ended up ordering more than 100 window screens for the two blocks that we were renovating.”

“All security windows had to go in over the Christmas break so there was no time for errors. Prowler Proof delivered everything within a week – exactly as ordered. Within two weeks we had installed all ForceField® window screens and now, several months down the track, we only have positive feedback. The parents appreciate the extra security for their children and so far NOTHING is broken. Which is no mean feat with more than 100 ForceField® security screens installed…”

“Located so close to the river, corrosion could of course be an issue. But the ForceField® mesh is made of marine grade stainless steel and there is a 10 year replacement warranty on all Prowler Proof products. I’m completely confident that we have made the right decision with ForceField® security screens – a decision that will save us plenty of time and money as the years go by.”

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