December 3, 2015

The old Queenslander homes were designed for the Queensland climate, not for security. Today you need security but how do you find a solution that doesn’t compromise the airflow and heritage feel of an old Queenslander? Tanya Henry tells her story…

“Protecting our family was a big reason for us to get security screens. We have three young boys aged 7, 9 and 11 and my husband travels a lot for work. We need to feel safe when we’re alone.”

“Our home is a 100 year old Queenslander and maintaining the integrity and character of the house was our priority when we started looking for security screens. We predominantly chose ForceField® security screens. They blend in with the house – you don’t know they are there.”

“For the casement windows we used Insect screens. They are on the upper story, so that’s fine. For the front door we used a Heritage screen door to match the design of the original timber door.”

“I chose colours to match the context and the surrounding joinery colours. Inside the house it was white. For the front door I chose a heritage green to match the original door.”

“Our ForceField® security screens are wonderful. They make the whole house breathe. We have them on all doors and windows so we can leave the majority of our windows and doors open when we leave the house. We constantly get airflow through the house. They make the house beautiful and nice to live in. And they make you feel very safe.”

“Needless to say, we don’t need air-conditioning.”

“Five years down the track I wouldn’t change a thing. As a matter of fact I used ForceField® french doors in my formal lounge and dining and they actually complement the house beautifully – it all looks so right even in a heritage home.”

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