August 26, 2017

Nestled amongst bushland in Buderim’s hills, this home from the front looks quite modest, however, with its innovative architectural design it was built over two levels taking advantage of the hillside space with most of the entertaining areas and bedrooms backing onto a lovely scenic bushland aspect on the south-east side of the home.

There were a couple of reasons the home owners in Buderim decided to go with Prowler Proof security screens for their home, the main reason being that they had a friend who had recommended Cameron of East Coast Security Screens for his personable service and meticulous attention to detail, as well as the Prowler Proof product for its high quality and resistance to corrosion.

Corrosion was a concern for this home owner, living on the Sunshine Coast with is coastal breezes, means there is more salt in the air, making it more susceptible to corrosion than other areas. Whenever two different metals interact there's a risk of corrosion. So, the fact that Prowler Proof is welded instead of being held together by screws or rivets makes it more corrosion-resistant than other security screens. ForceField® is one of very few complete security screens that has passed the 1,000-hour neutral salt spray test – most manufacturers only test the mesh.

Secondly, the owner has beautiful bushland views and fresh breezes flowing around the area. It was important to the that the home had a sense of space, light and airflow that enabled them to take advantage of the views and benefits of their private leafy setting.

ForceField® uses a 0.8mm thick wire of 316 marine grade woven stainless steel mesh mechanically and chemically bonded using a powerful adhesive into heavy–duty extruded aluminium frame which is robotically welded from corner to corner. 42.5% of the screen is ‘open area’ with the aperture of each opening at 1.62mm. This means the coasts creepy crawlies are kept outside, while still allowing maximum visibility, with viewing angles of up to 156 degrees and the maximum ‘open space’ to take advantage of the areas natural ventilation.

The team at Prowler Proof is glad that we we’re able to create a safer place for this family.  

Project Details