December 7, 2021
Situated in the mountains of north Toowoomba, this beautiful home is perched hillside on a property with magnificent views of the vast Darling Downs countryside, where an abundance of wildlife surrounds.

Platinum Glass and Security is one of Prowler Proof’s premium Certified Dealers, located in the Toowoomba region. When he visited the homeowner, he noticed she had a few unique problems to solve…

Being nestled amongst the bush, means dust is inevitable. The client’s home has a variety of window application types including awning, double hung and sliding windows. Some of these application types make it difficult to clean window glass with standard fixed security screen windows. 

There was also the issue of a local menacing kookaburra, that meant that her removeable insect screens were being destroyed, with the bird putting holes in them almost daily after replacing each one of her near 20 window screens. 

As fixed window screens and insect screens weren’t an option, the homeowner opted to go with the Prowler Proof Hinge Window security screen product. It is strong enough to withstand kookaburra attacks, keeps the home secure and means that cleaning her window glass regularly is easy.

To read more about this exclusive Prowler Proof product, head over the Hinge Window page.

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