May 31, 2016

Women's College, St Lucia

Designed to be modern, invisible, allow maximum airflow and security, Prowler Proof ForceField was the perfect choice for The Womens College window and security screen upgrade in St Lucia, Queensland.


Prior to installing the new ForceField screens, The Womens College was covered in dated Diamond security screens. They felt the best way to refresh the look of the college and to give it a homely feel was to install new screens.


Rather than having diamond, which obstructs view, they wanted something almost invisible that allowed the students to have uninterrupted views of the garden, making them feel more at home. ForceField allows wide angle views of 156 degrees, which was a major factor for the choice.


Being in Queensland, airflow was another priority. With the compact nature of the rooms, allowing the students to leave their windows open to let the breezes flow through during the warmer months, while still ensuring they feel safe, was important.


Prowler Proof and were proud to be a part of creating a safer place for the students of The Womens College to live.

Project Details