June 29, 2022

Located on a hillside in Brookfield, this beautiful home is owned by a couple of keen gardeners who wanted security screens that would allow them to keep their classic double-hung windows operational, provide high levels of security, allow the breeze to flow through the home, keep insects at bay, would make it easy to clean their windows, and be aesthetically pleasing. 


CSI: Chalmers Security Installations suggested that there was a perfect product that would suit all of these requirements. ForceField® Hinge Window security screens were used on this property, along with Prowler Proof ForceField® fixed window screens and hinge door. These products have been tested and passed AS5039, so have met the homeowner’s requirement for security.


Being a single level home on a large property it makes it easier for intruders to enter. The homeowner’s selection of security products means they now have protection from intruders around all their windows and doors, so can leave them open to enjoy the breeze, without the risk of intruders or insects entering.  


Aesthetics were also important to this homeowner, as the windows are quite decorative, and they didn’t want to clutter up the view or uniqueness of their windows, with additional midrails or mullions. The design of the hinge window security screen means they were able to screen over the entire window, so the existing glazing isn’t interrupted, and because Prowler Proof screens come in a choice of over 300 powder coat colours, the screens were matched to the existing systems, to blend in perfectly. 


The homeowner was originally told that they would not be able to screen their vintage style double-hung windows as you couldn’t drill into the frames with a traditional fixed security screen without disabling the window spring mechanism. The Prowler Proof ForceField® Hinge Window security screens feature unique H.I.T.® (Hidden Installation Technology), which allows the system to be fitted in reveal or face fitted, with 5 fastener positions, which allowed the screen to still be fitted to AS5040, without damaging the double hung window systems operating hardware.


This installation met all the challenging requirements, with the choice of hinge window security screens. The outcome is not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides the homeowner with so many additional benefits. From security to insect protection, ease of cleaning, and amazing views of their gorgeous garden setting.

Project Details