January 31, 2019

Kidz Magic in Capestone, Mango Hill is located on the northside of Brisbane and is a family based, childcare centre where children have access to a high quality, inclusive early childhood education.

With safety and durability the priority for this project, it was important for the architects to specify the highest quality products, with proven long-term performance.

The centre had a unique set of requirements, so to fulfil these the screens had to be custom made, something that Prowler Proof specialises in. The first requirement was to ensure the safety of the children, by preventing them from opening and closing the screen doors themselves. All handles were positioned at 1420mm high, out of reach of little hands, but still accessible for the centre staff and parents.

The next requirement was for maximum visibility for centre staff, to allow them to keep a close eye on everyone both inside and outside, and for parents to spot their children at pick up time. Prowler Proof ForceField was chosen, instead of other products like diamond grille, because it provided maximum visibility and long term durability. ForceField’s stainless steel mesh also has no footholds, so children cannot climb up it, another safety benefit.

The final requirement was ventilation, being that the children would be playing indoors for large amounts of the day, and also sleeping in some of the rooms. ForceField’s open area of 42.5% allows for maximum ventilation, allowing the breeze to blow in, and reducing the centre’s requirement on air-conditioning.

Prowler Proof’s ForceField screens were used on all of the doors in the play areas and all of the windows in the nap rooms, creating a safer place for this group of children and staff.

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