March 1, 2022

Unfortunately we have been advised that the Welded Diamond door frame extrusion that we were expecting to receive has been further delayed, and we may not receive delivery now until late March. We understand the impact this could have on your business, so would like to offer you the following offer:

From now until end of March 2022, all orders of Welded Diamond doors can be upgraded to Protec doors, at no additional charge.

How will this offer work?


To take up the Protec doors for the price of Welded Diamond offer, you simply need to enter your order into COSI as Protec. Your pricing has already been updated to reflect this offer. This is a great opportunity for your customers to upgrade to Protec doors, at no extra cost. This offer is only for orders placed in COSI by the end of March, so encourage your customers to take up this offer today.


You can either:

Leave the order as it currently is, with Welded Diamond, and we keep the job on hold until stocks arrive. You would need to advise your customer of the delay and potential delivery not being until early April,

  • You can switch to SnapLock at no extra charge,
  • You can request to cancel the order and we will refund you, or
  • You can choose to upgrade your order from Welded Diamond doors to Protec doors, at no additional charge. (Please ensure you get our customers confirmation of this upgrade before accepting this offer).

To take up any of the above, please email our customer service team with the job number, and what you would like us to change it to, and we will implement that change (if you've chosen any option other than to wait for Welded Diamond), and release the job from on hold.

We apologise for the inconvenience this out of stock issue is causing. We understand the impact it is having on your business, and hope that our above offer goes some way to rectifying the situation.

The team at Prowler Proof

*Offer only available to Wholesale and Certified Dealers, excludes OEM partners.