September 24, 2021
Effective 1 September 2021 Prowler Proof implemented a price increase to our range of products and accessories. You should have received your price books either by mail or digitally and be able to see the new pricing reflected in the latest release of COSI 5.7.3.

Included in this latest release there were some other key changes made to the range: 
Heavy Duty (HD) Insect screens are no longer available. 
Stainless Steel and Aluminium gauze is no longer available.
Prowler Proof pet doors, in small, medium and large sizes have been deleted, and custom size Prowler Proof pet doors are now only available in ForceField and Protec doors.

While a few products and options are being removed from our range, these have all been offset by products we’ve released in the past few years. These new releases are all higher performing products and options which have supported our dealers and consumers with safer, more secure, and aesthetically improved screen options. We will continue to constantly review market trends in line with our range, and design and release products that provide you the opportunity to remain at the forefront of supplying the market’s best security and screening products.