Survivor 2021 Winner

December 2, 2021

Survivor 2021 Logo

Each peak season we run, 'Survivor' for 11 weeks in the lead-up to Christmas. As it is our busiest period and most challenging, we want a way to bring the whole Prowler Proof team together, with some great bonuses and rewards along the way. Survivor is a great way to keep everyone focused on what is most important, quality of product delivered to you. This year again saw a range of food fans turning up, to keep us all motivated, and the finale for the whole campaign is the 'Ultimate Survivor'. Our Ultimate Survivor is one of our production team members, peer-selected via voting every week during the campaign. This year’s Ultimate Survivor is Jacob Y!! Congratulations Jacob

 Survivor 2021 Gallery Image 1Survivor 2021 Gallery Image of Staff

Ultimate Survivor Winner with Michael and Frankie